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This region is located at the western banks of river Pas. It is watered by numerous streams that fall over the slopes providing that characteristic green colour from the fertile areas. You can see this relaxing landscape from the banks alongside the river.

At the low lands, next to river Pas, is located the majority of the population. This makes its characteristic landscape with crops, meadows and typical river banks vegetation, such as black poplars.

At the higher lands, with fewer neighbourhoods, there are alternated a few bushes and cared meadows with abundant plantations of pine trees and eucalyptus. Even though, there are still forests of oaks and beeches mainly at the head of the streams such as Requeda and El Cuadro.

Alceda Park highlights because of its singularity. It is a marvellous place created as a service is Balneario Parque de Alceda and turned into an authentic botanical garden with the planted exotic trees alternated with local ones. Alongside its 7 hectare of woodland highlight conifers because of the quantity and tilia because of the variety.

On the other hand, you will find several possibilities to tour: Cabárceno Natural Park (32km), Prehistoric Caves of El Castillo and Las Monedas (15km), Santillana del Mar (35km), El Soplao Caves (73km), Vega de Pas (14km), San Vicente de la Barquera (45km) and, of course, the capital of La Montaña, Santander (42km), among many others.