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Hotel Balneario de Alceda

Our spa is located at only 42km from Santander, at an important Cantabrian geographical point: Toranzo Valley.

Hotel Balneario de Alceda is located in a nineteenth-century building that still keeps the touch of the old. Its sodium chloride, sulphuric nitrogenous waters emerge from the widest spring in Europe, which is also hot and rich in minerals. Every day releases 3,640,000 litres of thermal water and a constant temperature of 26.87ºC.

The therapeutic qualities from Alceda spring waters make this spa favourable for dermatologic, breathing and rheumatologic treatments. As well as a wide variety of beauty, relaxing and anti-stress treatments. Obviously, it is always under medical supervision.

‘Such are the positive results with Alceda waters that its faire fame is already universal’. This was what the Alceda Hot Springs Bather Guide stated, which was written by Doctor José Salvador and edited in 1892. In that time, a bath cost around one peseta (old Spanish currency) and six thousand bathers attended the spa every season.

Medical Advice
The thermal mineral medicinal waters of our spring are rich in sulphur. They are specially recommended for dermatologic (infantile dermatitis, Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, dermatitis, acne, lupus, rosacea, etc.) treatments.

Here we offer you individual medical advice. Check our prices.
If you have any questions, please check directly with the hotel.


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